Hi, I'm Festus Ogonegbu

I am totally obsessed with helping businesses set systems and structures to allow them to run their business in their absence to help scalability and financial freedom on autopilot.

I am A Graduate of Philosophy and Studying Philosophy, input in me that thirst for more knowledge and a will to be vast in it

The pandemic opened up a season for gaining more knowledge where I found out the possibility of making money online.

Unlike others, I never really had a bad first impression of the make money online industry 

Instead, I sought to learn and keep on learning on anything promoted to offer money in the long run

This gave me the opportunity to learn  a lot of high-income skills, and some of which are;

  •  Sales Funnel Building
  •  Web development
  •  Facebook advertising
  •  Email Marketing  
  •  E-Commerce

Amongst others 

After a while of learning here and there…

I finally discovered in January 2021 the one course that changed my thoughts on the Online Marketing and increased his growth herein.

Sales and Marketing opened my eyes to a lot of truth, helped me gain clarity and gave me the needed strategies to build authority in the online space.

This also birthed Sales Automation Academy as I found out that all I had been learning out of confusion had been key parts of Sales Automation

I have also helped create systems and structures, geared towards helping businesses run in the absence of the owner.

Some notable result includes;

Helping 25 businesses hit 7 figures consistently using marketing and sales funnel,

Building a Sales Funnel that have done over $15,000 for Kenny Nwokoye, the Founder of Zero To Hero Affiliate Program…

Worked as team lead for the Sale or Beg Conference

Alawee to Daily Credit Alerts, a big conference for NYSC members nationwide held by Smilepreneur 

Beyond that, he has worked with some Top Experts in the Sales and Marketing Industry in Nigeria, Kenny Nwokoye, Zim Simon, Lola Oyafemi, Fortune Nnamdi, Esther Odemwingie some notable businesses in Nigeria and diaspora 

I am currently the Lead Funnel Designer and Email Marketing Specialist for the Zero To Hero Affiliate Program,  The No. 1 Performing Top Affiliate Community in the world.

I am the author of two bestselling books;

  1. A Millenial Guide to Email Marketing
  2. The Sustainable Lead Generation Guide

I run an Apprenticeship Community for Intending Affiliate Marketers and presently running one of the largest Sales Automation Academy

A community that teaches brands and individuals alike, the BASIC and ADVANCED Fundamentals and Strategies to make their businesses run in their absence...with the given and needed Tools to achieve this.

I consult, do one-on-one coaching and group training.

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