by Festus Ogonegbu 

Now for the First Time, You Can Learn the Affiliate Marketing Business Secret of Toyin Omotoso… Man Who Started Small and Now Takes in Millions


So I stumbled on a video online which changed my perspective about the online space and making money.

This video was created by an expert affiliate marketer, Mr. Toyin Omotoso.

Thankfully, the video is free.

I came across this video when I was carrying out a research on a business model that'd enable me have  time to perform other activities because I work offline too.

You know in Nigeria, not having multiple streams of income can be frustrating.

Let me give you a clue on what you are going to see when you watch this video

The video explains a no-fail system called the 72IG implementation program

What is The 72IG Implementation Training Program And Does It Really work?

The 72IG Implementation Training Program is a complete step-by-step training course for people who want to generate sustainable online income through affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

72IG otherwise known as the 72-hour Income Generator is a well-structured income-generating system and the 72IG implementation training program is the blueprint that shows you how to operate the system successfully.

This method has been tested by thousands of Nigerian online marketers. To the best of my knowledge, it seems like a solid program that delivers on its promises.

That’s because since it launched, it has received a series of testimonials and a lot of income proof has surfaced online.

How Does The 72IG Program Compare To Other  Affiliate Marketing Courses?

This training course is in a league of its own. The really interesting thing is that the program isn’t all about affiliate marketing. It is a comprehensive system that helps you set up a complete online business.

The principles can be applied to other online businesses such as:

  • Information marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Book publishing
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • And many other online businesses

Having studied the program, I can sum up the entire system as providing two basic needs:

  1. A highly converting sales funnel.
  2. Buyer ready traffic to boost sales.

Secondly, the 72IG program is available only on the Expertnaire affiliate network. Meaning that you can promote it and make money as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

I’ll tell you why this is important.

Since the 72IG is based on a system that works for Nigerians, you stand to benefit immensely from the strategies taught. Also, getting access to the Expertnaire platform gives you the opportunity to also promote other digital products.

Other affiliate courses only teach methods that will not work for most Nigerians especially the newbies. This is because of restrictions such as the inability to operate a PayPal account without bypassing anything.

The products you will be promoting are sold in foreign currency and may be costly for Nigerians. Quite a lot of Nigerians still find it difficult paying for products in foreign currency due to the high exchange rate.

What’s Inside The 72IG Implementation Training Program?

The 72-Hour Income Generator training program provides a step-by-step blueprint to help you launch an automated cash-generating online business. 

There are two versions of 72IG and buyers will have access to both of them. The second version is an upgraded version of the first one so you won’t need to log into both. Just access the second version and start implementing.

you stand to benefit......

  • The 72IG Implementation Training Program – Value ₦2.5m
  • The original 72IG training course – Value ₦30,000
  • 1-year affiliate account n Expertnaire – Value ₦10,000
  • Webpage Builder & PreDesigned Templates – Value FREE
  • Email Marketing Templates – Value ₦250,000
  • FREE Done For You Affiliate Campaigns for 7 Products on Expertnaire – Value ₦350,000
  • Access to the FB 72IG Support Group – FREE
  • 50% Commission on the 72IG Implementation Program
  • 2-in-1 Exclusive Bonus – Value ₦15,000

Total Value: ₦3,140,000

The entire program is structured to be implemented in 12 days. So all you have to do is to follow the lessons for each day and download the additional resources that accompany each day’s lessons. 

You get to benefit a whole lot more when you watch the video,

I know you want in so here you go.

Click here to watch the free video

About the author 

Festus Ogonegbu

I mapped and designed a sales funnel for the founder of Zero to Hero Affiliate Community, Kenny Nwokoye, that have generated over $10,000.

I run an Apprenticeship Community for Intending Affiliate Marketers and presently running one of the largest Sales Automation Academy

A community that teaches brands and individuals alike, the BASIC and ADVANCED Fundamentals and Strategies to make their businesses run in their absence...with the given and needed Tools to achieve this.

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