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My name is FESTUS. I am a graduate of Philosophy from the Delta State University in Nigeria. I am a certified Email marketer from the 'Cirklelabs’ Academy' and I also have a GetResponse Digital Marketing Certification in Email Marketing.

I build high converting sales funnel, I am also a landing page optimizer and an Affiliate marketer.

I am the marketer in-charge of Emails with the following Brands: Ventus Brand, Esther Odemwingie,  and Sell or Beg Conference with Fortune Nnamdi.

I am the author the book "The Sustainable Lead Generation Guide" and currently the Content Creator with Learnoflix, Head of Research and Development in Ventus, a leading Sales Company, and a product of the Sales Mastery Academy.

One more important aspect. I am passionate about driving change through helping others learn and has impacted lives through teaching.


Indeed "Marketing With Emails" builds relationship with current or previous customers,...

It encourages customer loyalty and repeat business."

"With email marketing, YOU can acquire new customers or convince current customers to purchase something from you immediately."

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Everything you need to easily and quickly get started with email marketing is here - No matter the product, service, course etc. you plan selling to your target audience.

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When it comes to email Marketing, There's one big problem

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  • How do I generate massive lists for my email sequence (Without directly asking for the emails of my customers)?.
  • What is the right way to go about with my email messages to my cold audience?.
  • What if no one reads my mails?.
  • What if my subscribers decide to unsubscribe and I will be left with few subscribers?.
  • How about I just call an email marketer to handle my email sequence because I'm anxious.

Nervous and afraid of not getting it right

How Would You Feel, If I Show You A Proven Strategy To Handle These Problems? Great Right, Now see

Inside This Millennial's Guide, You Will be Exposed to...

  • The proven strategies on How To Develop Your Contact Lists.
  • The secrets and strategies on How To Target Each Type Of Audience,... based on their interest.
  • Ways To Efficiently Build Customer Relationship and sell to them consistently.
  • My ONE Tested And Trusted Way On How To Effectively Manage Your Email List... Ranging from email analytics, list hygiene and how to avoid spam folder.
  • Ways To Efficiently Build Customer Relationship and sell to them consistently.
  • One Thing You Should Know About Email Communication.
  • The strategic way on How To Write Email Contents and How To Write Sales Email With Copywriting.
  • The Amazing Tips On How To Improve Your Clicks And Reduce Unsubscribes.

These are not strategies of 1990, they were what I engaged in the 1st half of 2020. You too can apply them this year

You will also get access to:

  • A video on How To Create A List
  • A video on How To Create A Signup Form.
  • A video on How To Create A Thank You Page.
  •  A book on Email Headlines That Sells.
  • 2001 Greatest Headlines ever written.
  • 3 days FREE Question and Answers (Q & A) Session

A total of 25 persons have bought this course on pre-order so far and applied the proven system for profit,

See What Some of Them Have to Say:

Jerry Fabian/ Clarity Coach

Ada Billions/ Affiliate Marketer

Esther Odemwingie/ Copywriter

Deborah Onojeta/ Digital Marketer

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A Millennial's Guide is my Astonishing Secrets And Principles Of Email Marketing.

  • On the easiest way to have a mind blowing Email Auto-responder Sequence... And how you can
  • Generate massive Email Lists as you can possibly handle...
  • Attract all the leads you will ever need then, turning these strangers to those who will continually pay for your other product, service, course, trainings,
  • They will then become your loyal fans forever even if you've never written a mail in your life before.

This book is just exactly what you need to start out and launch your Email Marketing System in any topic with lightening speed.

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January 2019, I was really broke as hell. I literally couldn't afford subscriptions self.

I wasn't able to fend for my basic needs! I mean, no more 'Pocket money' from home because I'm now termed a GRADUATE!

Long story short, I went to serve my country alawee started covering for some things but it was never enough N19,800

Well I volunteer for a digital marketing Firm back in Kwara state and then I learnt about digital skills. At the peak of the lockdown around March 2020 I learnt this skill Email Marketing.

When it was time to monetize my knowledge, experience and results


Just like you (a newbie), I was shy, anxious and nervous, the first set of mails I sent out went into spam.

I didn't know why it was like that because I was taught but then I failed to practice for a very long time. But! 

Thanks to the platforms that gave me opportunity to practice it. Breakthrough came for me

..when I discovered and applied the SECRETS and PRINCIPLES I will be sharing with you today....

Take note of the word 'Applied', if you don't apply everything here, nothing will work.

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